1. Is buying paintings a good idea?

  2. Is going online an easy purchase?

  3. How do you convince me that you are one of the best venue for me to buy artworks?

  4. How do you deliver the order?

  5. How can I order you?

  6. How will I pay you?

  7. Can I put my queries to you about any artworks?

  8. How can I get you?

Yes, obviously. Paintings are best to collect as they are somehow means to make you pleasant and contented. Meanwhile, they are assets and stay with you as your lifetime collections throughout  and that goes on generation to generation.

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Yes, again. Going online is exactly like of being at real gallery. It is a virtual gallery where you can reach and explore just being in front of your computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone. Online is, that's why, easy when you cannot reach the real gallery place by yourself.

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21st Century Art Gallery is established in year 2000A.D. It is situated at Satghumti, Thamel( Kathmandu, Nepal). It is established and worked on by joint efforts of its 3 major full-time professional artists

(All 3 are pro-artists cum curator to 21st Century Art Gallery)

As we believe - best customers' service is only chance to survive and quality is only way to achieve it, we always try to deliver the best of us. What so far have been achieved till this date is all, because of , your trust and affection to us as  a good gallery. Like wise; We entrust you again, there are always quality and best service for you with us as online gallery version at this URL address for 21st Century Art Gallery.

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Delivery will done via DHL.In packaging, we always get you the safest for your order. Generally delivery will be done in 4-5 days through shipping facility after the payment is done by customer.

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Simply pressing mail of order at our contact email.

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Bank transfer is best payment accepted for abroad customers. We also do accept credit card payment as well.

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There are details about painting provided on GALLERY COLLECTION-VIEW . If you have anyfurther queries about anything, you can directly contact us. Some paintings prices are not revealed. Their prices will be made available if you ask for. Simply mail us at centuryart21@hotmail.com.

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Contact at centuryart21@hotmail.com

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